The staff of the club “Vela Club Campione” which have successfully organized the “Moth World 2012 Championship” and the IOM European Championship 2014 will run the organization. They will be supported by “Circolo Vela Limone”.

Vela Club Campione and Circolo Vela Limone are affiliated to the Italian Sailing Federation FIV (Federazione Italiana Vela).


Chief Race Officer: PIERRE GONNET

Race Officer : RENATO BOLIS


Race Committee with international members with experience in similar events

- Chief Measurement Officer (MO) and 3 assistant

- Auxiliary staff for heat Management

- 7 International Jury and Umpire:





Entry List completed.

  Full Name Country Sail Number Status
Garry Bromley Australia AUS 90 Confirmed
Jeffrey Byerley Australia AUS 25 Confirmed
Andrew Reid Australia AUS 6 Confirmed
David Turton Australia AUS 9 Confirmed
Eric van der Kindere Belgium BEL 157 Confirmed
Marc Alazia France FRA 88 Confirmed
Christophe Boisnault France FRA 13 Confirmed
Remi Bres France FRA 142 Confirmed
Michel Brun France FRA 251 Confirmed
Stephane Burtin France FRA 195 Confirmed
Achille Chatin France FRA 16 Confirmed
Leonard Fabiano France FRA 34 Confirmed
Patrice Montero France FRA 38 Confirmed
Eduard Pinta France FRA 87 Confirmed
Marc Pomerede France FRA 44 Confirmed
Yannik Rossignol France FRA 22 Confirmed
Nicholas Selves France FRA 7 Confirmed
Henning Faas Germany GER 26 Confirmed
Valentin Fuchs Germany GER 30 Confirmed
Gerd Mentges Germany GER 1 Confirmed
Jürgen Peters Germany GER 15 Confirmed
Christoph Rieckh Germany GER 53 Confirmed
Gerhard Schmitt Germany GER 61 Confirmed
Volker Schwarz Germany GER 45 Confirmed
Massimo Apostoli Italy ITA 105 Confirmed
Bruno Daminelli Italy ITA 120 Confirmed
Matteo Longhi Italy ITA 24 Confirmed
Maurizio Morbidelli Italy ITA 52 Confirmed
Paolo Zuanazzi Italy ITA 8 Confirmed
Igor Ambarov Russia RUS 33 Confirmed
Ivan Ermanov Russia RUS 19 Confirmed
Kirill Kurin Russia RUS 83 Confirmed
Aleksandr Kurin Russia RUS 190 Confirmed
Gustav Albiez Switzerland SUI 55 Confirmed
Urs Blum Switzerland SUI 124 Confirmed
Marco Signorelli Switzerland SUI 80 Confirmed
Andriy Kadantsev Ukraine UKR 242 Confirmed
Timur Kishbaiev Ukraine UKR 134 Confirmed
Andrii Koval Ukraine UKR 35 Confirmed
Graham Bantock United Kingdom GBR 95 Confirmed
John Cleave United Kingdom GBR 0 Confirmed
Brad Gibson United Kingdom GBR 42 Confirmed
Phil Holliday United Kingdom GBR 66 Confirmed
David Potter United Kingdom GBR 20 Confirmed
Derek Priestley United Kingdom GBR 67 Confirmed
Terry Rensch United Kingdom GBR 92 Confirmed
Richard Uttley United Kingdom GBR 144 Confirmed
Gery Boell USA USA 171 Confirmed



Free car parking close to the race area. Camping and hotels.

This camping is located 50m from the race area.

Prices for camping depend on the campsite and arrangements for the event.
Camping is adjacent to the lake and includes a beach and snack bar.

There is another camping with the similar service.

A number of hotels, bed & breakfast and apartments are available in Limone sul Garda.
Please check for the different options and pricing.
A number of different airports can be used to fly into Limone sul Garda. The distance to the airport is:


  • Valerio Catullo, Verona 100km
  • Orio al serio, Bergamo 120km
  • Linate, Milano 170km
  • Malpensa, Milano 210km

For information on Limone sul Garda visit


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