Currently we got the following member requests:

Member Country  Contact  Owners  Certified Boats Nat Champs Nos 
AUS Glenn Dawson 120 124 20
FRA Patrice Montero 40 100 30
GBR Phil Holliday 80 100 25
GER Gerd Mentges 53 110 12
ITA Virginio Boglietti 20 20 20
SUI Thomy Blatter 5 5 5
SVK Peter Kovak na na na
USA Kenneth Weeks 5 5 na

Please note: this is being developed as a class of national Members not individuals. The reasoning is that the nations have their own methods of running their associations and we do not want to interfere with that. So through the national membership, proactive and enthusiastic competitors can have their say and cause change, or simply support the association and its activities by being nominated into executive or committee positions in the future.

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