Day 3

Contrary to the forecast the third day also started with very light wind. Nevertheless with the help from Juergen Eiermann, the race officer Pierre Gonnet managed to complete another six races in perfect conditions. This racing however did not have a great impact on the final result so that Brad Gibson GBR 42 on 12 Points is the old and new World Champion with Christoph Boisnault FRA 13 2nd on 20 points and Matteo Longhi ITA 24 3rd with a score of 22 points.

Day 2

The morning dawned with fog covering the Biblis Riedsee. A light breeze cleared the for at 10am and racing started quickly finishing races four and five. The afternoon again was a game of patience while the skippers waited in the baking heat for wind to build. At 4 pm a stedy northerly breeze developed and racing was extended until 7pm allowing for another six racces. After 7 races Brad Gibson was still leading with 5 points but Matteo Longhi ITA 24 and Christoph Boisnault FRA 13 were tied on 11 points. We closed the day
with the famous SV Biblis Paella

Day 1

After the past week had given us a nice breeze everyday, the World Championship started with a 3 hour wait. At 1pm the breeze built and racing could start. We rapidly managed to to complete 9 heats in three groups. Having completed the three races, Brad Gibson GBR 42 was first on 4 points, Matteo Longhi ITA 24 on 7 points and Christophe Boisnault FRA 13 on 10 points were third and fourth respectively. We closed the day with the international dinner were the competitors from 16 differnt nations bring specialties from their countries forming an interesting buffet for all.

Biblis/Germany, May 22nd. Everything is well prepared for the IRSA (International Radio Sailing Association) World Championship. 120 participants from 16 countries have registered for the regattas in Biblis Riedsee, Germany. From the 24th - 26th May competitors will be sailing to crown the 9th Ten Rater class World Champion and from 27th May – 1st of June racing will be for the title of 18th Marblehead class World Champion.

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