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We would like to remind the following sailors that their sail number has been changed for this event.

Kadantsev, Andriy UKR 40
Tomassini, Roberto ITA 46
Misiakov, Andrei BLR 47
Thomas, David AUS 81
Gilbert, Lester GBR 99
Boglietti, Virginio ITA 101
Apostoli, Massimo ITA 105
Guerrier, Austin GBR 108
Blum, Urs SUI 124
Lehmann, Max GER 125
Bres, Remi FRA 142
Misiakov, Zahar BLR 144
Ennion, Nick GBR 161
Signorelli, Marco SUI 180
Puchkouski, Ilya BLR 181
Willefert, Nicolas FRA 183
Alazia, Marc FRA 188
Toureau, Arnaud FRA 192
Burtin, Stephane FRA 195

Some participants have to change their sail numbers because of clashes with other participants at the world championship. Before you send emails asking for a number different to the one you have been allocated please recognize the following. The current rules governing sail marks are different to the rules that applied in 2016. So it may not be relevant which numbers were on your sails on the last worlds or the worlds before.

This is an international event and we are bound by the rules. Please read RRS Appendix E

  • E8 G.1.3 (a) => two digit numbers
  • E8 G.1.3 (b) => change on conflict to any number
  • E8 G.1.5 (b)(4) => space for a leading "1" is required

An explanation:

The reason to specify a prefix of digit 1 only is that, unless the digits are too narrow to be legible or are placed too close together, it is impossible to fit any other prefix digit in front of the two digit sail number on small sails. There will not normally be room, even on larger sails, for any other prefix if the numbers have been placed in accordance with the pre-2013 and current RRS.

If there are more than two boats with the same sail number, one will sail with that number, one may sail with the prefix 1, and the other(s) will change to other sail number(s). See App E G.1.3 (b). Because the only prefix that is guaranteed to fit is the digit 1 this means that one or more of the two digits will need to be changed to comply with App E G.1.3 (b). However, the chance of this is low.

Apart from reasons associated with sail number legibility there are practical reasons for avoiding unnecessary 3 digit numbers. It helps non-native English speakers (as well as native English speakers) to make protest calls more easily and remember who they have protested more easily. If they are protested or called by an observer or umpire it will be easier for them to understand if it is a two digit number rather than a three digit number.

Furthermore please read the Q&A on the IRSA website carefully to avoid problems during the equipment check.


On the beginning of the allocation process the Organizing Authority had a meeting and decided to change the NOR, to let all entries in, that have sent an entry form so far.

  • 10R Worlds 60 Participants (Limit was 48, HMS 60 possible with 3 groups)
  • M Worlds 84 Participants (Limit was 76, HMS 84 possible)

The number of entry forms was under the limit of HMS and the Limit from the Championship Regulations. We expect no greater problems with more boats on the water. The decision was agreed with IRSA and so we changed the NOR and finished the allocation process immediately.

The allocation of starting places has been completed. We now have 55 starters from 9 nations. All registrations with deadline February 20 have been accepted. Please check the constantly updated start list there are still missing entry fees and some sail numbers had to be adjusted. If further applications are received, they will be added to the waiting list.

We had several updates on our website in the last weeks.

  • The list of our sponsors has become bigger, as well as private donations.
  • Event Information - list of Social Events added
  • Event Information - list of hotels added
  • Event Information - Organization Chart added (over 30 people)
  • The list of participants has grown steadily and now stands at 82 entries (13 nations).

So this weekend the registration deadline may be the last chance to make a registration.

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